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This story is about personal conflict.  It opens up the lives of three Black Women, how they survive Hollywood, how they live, love and trust.  ASHA is the dominant force in everyone's life.  She's that stereotypical strong black women, always there for everyone.  She's the ultimate friend, lover, and confidant.  The only problem she has is she doesn't practice what she preaches.
ASHA is always straightening up everyone else's life while hers is a mess.  She has no guidance, no clear sight of what it is she wants out of life.  So, this is a journey in search of herself.  And along the way, she mends and molds others, not even realizing her strengths.
LISA is the overly ambitious, back stabbing, untrustworthy home-wrecking, so called sista.  She knows nothing of friendship.  Unfortunately, her life comes to a fatal end.  But before she goes, she disrupts a few lives. 
DIANE on the other hand is down to earth, passionate, and warm.  She has a career that she loves, a fairy-tale marriage and a family which becomes every woman's nightmare. 
All three women pretty much grow up in the same type of environment, but different neighborhoods in different states.  It's funny how life dealt them so very different hands.  Different, but all troublesome.  They all possess special qualities in their own way.  A Black woman, no matter what her age or background or understanding, has to be strong.  And these women show their strengths in many ways.  ASHA, LISA, & DIANE always thought they wanted money, career, husband and a perfect family. 
They break the stereotype that the world has of the Black woman.  But all their lives were filled with unhappiness, deceit, and betrayal.  Asha worked her way up the corporate latter at a TV network to become a producer.  Lisa wanted the producer career, but didn't have what it took to cut it.  So, she lied and connived her way to misery.  Diane just sort of happen in the television business.  She had a degree in Journalism, but aspired to be a newspaper journalist.  She ended up marrying an ex-football having two kids and working at the network as a news anchor.  This was beneath her.  The TV station is what brought all three women together.  And from there, their lives unfold into total chaos with only one of them prevailing.
In Loving Memory of SHEILA LYNN BROUSSARD - Writer, Director










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