Our Distribution Plan

                         Our independent films are professional
                         film productions resulting in a feature
                        film that is produced mostly or
                             completely outside of the major film
                                studio system.  In addition to
                                being produced and distributed
                                by independent entertainment companies, KAZ FILMS is also produced and/or distributed by subsidiaries of major film studios. 
KAZ FILMS is sometimes distinguishable by its content and style and the way in which the filmmakers' personal artistic vision is realized.  Usually, but not always, our films are made with considerably lower film budgets than major studio films.  Generally, the marketing of our films is characterized by limited release, but can also have major marketing campaigns and a worldwide release.  Our films are often screened at local, national or international film festivals before distribution (theatrical and/or retail release).  Our film production can rival a mainstream film production if it has the necessary funding and distribution.