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$1.5 Million Horror Trilogy

A Horror/Thriller

We have a different opportunity for investor(s).  

1.  $1.5 Mil (one point five million) dollar movie trilogy for all 3 movies:

     a.  Part II - 'The Keller Project' (2019 production schedule)

     b.  Part III - 'Keller-Final Chapter' (2020 production schedule)

     c.  Part IV - 'Lorenzo Keller-the Beginning' (2021 prequel movie).

Part I

Into The Woods

view Trailer

What's lurking behind you!

Part II

Part II, Part III & Part IV

$1.5 Mil (one point five million) dollars

(Movie Trilogy)(Three Movies)

           2019                                      2020                                          2021             

Trilogy total is $1.5 Million 

$500K Production cost for each movie 

2019 (1st of the year Thriller)     
2020 (Halloween movie)     
2021 (Summer movie)   
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