Mutant Gene Variant

Shafeeq Muhammad

Movie Casting Call

Time:  3:00PM-4:30PM

Saturday, January 18th

The Fine Arts Building 

410 S. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605


1 (312) 566-7016

Character breakdowns

Indie Feature Film


Zola Hatshepsut 
Attrictive  African american Female  between 27-36 emotionally  broken brave rookie astronaut our reluctant hero protagonist thrust in an immediate position as ships captain in charge of crew of 9 to successfully complete a distructive mission that is set forth to save earth from an impending celestial body as well as fend herself off from a ravaged earth pleaged with a new zombie type species 

Kimbo Gainer
African American Male buff strong type age 35-45 is Pyrotechnics expert and copilot with chip on his shoulder un-rational temperamental  stubborn somewhat ignorant at times 

African American Male age 30-40 astronaut on board Technician pseudo geneticist practicing muslim radical  outspoken and logical 

Jewish American Male ships Doctor age 30-40 Zola’s former love interest and flight student alumni Astronaut known to her as Jesse but formally known as Dr Abrams 

Holy Man 
Rastafarian Male age 40-60 strong accent lade back philosophical psychic and ships captain and somewhat of an oracle

Male caucation age 35-50 mission tower spokesman and self proclaimed archaeologist historian articulate closet racist the films chief antagonist

African american male age 25-40 doubtful pessimistic closed minded indivisual with and old way of thinking  

Tina/Virtual girl 
Asian Female age 24-35 attractive part cyborg logical and engineer 

Officer Bryant 
Caucasian  male age 30-50 military brass interviewer 

NARRATOR/  Commentators / Lecturers  

Females clear speaking voice ages 20-50


Zombies on Earth

Zombies on Planet


Short Synopsis 

A Crew of afronauts are sent on a mission in space to save earth from its gene mutation epidemic that's left the earth being overrun by a zombie type species as a sinister subplot unfolds revealing the the darker side of man 


Apocalyptic conditions on earth point to a celestial origin  from an approaching star system the year is 2047 ZOLA A reluctant spaceship captain HAS THE DUBIOUS RESPONSIBILITY OF PILOTING A CREW OF AFRONAUTS ACROSS THE GALAXY ON A desperate MISSION TO save earth from it's recent pandemic that has led to A primitive sub-human SPECIES THAT THREATENS Humanities vary existence all awhile EVIDENCE UNFOLDS HINTING OF THE Dark NATURE OF MAN the story moves forward when the crew descends into parole as a series of events reveal there and there superiors true inner motivations.

MGV One Sheet.png

A Sci-Fi Horror/Thriller

Mutant gene variant

view Trailer


Afronauts on there maiden voyage to save humanity

an apocalyptic space oddity!

Evedence of outerworldly visitors from the past by the ancient sumerians


Original escape Pod Madina 

visual effects artist

Shafeeq Muhammad

Biological evidence suggest man and his DNA are a result in intelligent engineering  by who? By Omniscient "God" or  superior Physical otherworldly beings  or a combination of both and if so than by tampering with the DNA than hence both are able to create or alter life. 


We are attempting to create a fictional futuristic Sci fi Cyberpunk film that explores the journey of our Protagonist

Sylvester Wright.jpg
Harold Dennis.jpg
Tracy Green.jpg
Sam Palermo.jpg

The Story

Apocalyptic conditions on earth point to a celestial origin  from an approaching star system.  The year is 2047.
ZOLA, a reluctant spaceship captain HAS THE DUBIOUS RESPONSIBILITY OF PILOTING A CREW OF AFRONAUTS ACROSS THE GALAXY ON A desperate MISSION TO save earth from it's recent pandemic that has led to A primitive sub-human SPECIES THAT THREATENS Humanities vary existence. 
All awhile EVIDENCE UNFOLDS HINTING OF THE Dark NATURE OF MAN, the story moves forward when the crew descends into parole as a series of events reveal there and their superiors true inner motivations.  There are several subplots gore romantic interest and action cliffhangers that will have the audience on there feet and wanting more.
primitive man.jpg

Primitive regressive gene mans evolution

primitive man 2.jpg

Primitive regressive gene mans evolution


Original Mothership design 3D Scene

space suit.jpg
int spaceship.png

Mothership Interior control Deck


Original 3D scenes for the film post apocalypse Chicago

table top.jpg

Space suit Props

Space suit Props

All Ships and set design are in full 3D ready for live action composition



As a big fan of the Sci-fi- Syfy cyberpunk genre growing up admiring the works of Stanley kubrick 2001 Ridley Scott Alien George Lucus etc. I always wanted to make a good thought provoking Sci-fi but I knew it would be more costly to try but me not taking no for an answer decided to do it anyway as a lifetime artist I dove in shifted mediums even though my background was in Art and film spending 3 years at Columbia I took it upon myself and started learning  CGI over the last 4 years with some astounding results seasoned veteran producer  Sal Munir Joined in that's When we really  got started shifting gears  we wanted to make an Intelligent film with state of the art visuals and out sourcing costumes  added with realistic set design but the realities of things caused us to rethink our plan and rely more heavily on in house CGI.


Money raised  will enable us to outsource  certain scenes that require  more advanced rendering systems We will also work with other talented visual effects artist to fill in for any of our detailed unfinished final compositions entailing live action shots with CGI in order to stay on schedule. Music is another huge factor in the process securing music writes it can be A long drawn out and costly process so we want to hire composers to do all original music and pay them upfront which will be much more economical for the budget

The plan


Our team is dedicated to producing a Intelligent thought provoking witty quality film that can rival Hollywods best but for a small fraction of the money using some of Chicago's and surrounding areas for local actors 4k cameras original costume design and small technical crew small studio space for green screen  and less then 2000 square feet on a 4 month time frame for principle photography.

The Budget will help provide money for Casting and talent saleries studio rental Kraft services equipment rental transportation coast paper work and Insurance.

Shafeeq Muhammad.jpg
Shafeeq Muhammad
Associate Producer
Silver Days
Sal Munir.jpg
Producer/Line Producer
Sal Munir

Talented Director/writer Shafeeq Muhammad who's credits  includes  a list of local and Major recording artist to his credits as well as  last years breakout urban horror film IMDB Paraplegicslist.  As founder of Underground Cinema2, a local Chicago based film production company.  He got his start as location and talent scout for Paramount pictures this time teaming up with Producer Sal Munir of KAZ Films, LLC.


He served as producer of 2014 “Into the woods” and has a long list of hollywood and independent films, commercials and music videos to his credits. These two go back to the early 90s when they collaborated on a Highly anticipated Giant 2014.  A story concept that got a little Hollywood attention.  The two  dedicated to presenting unique quality films and music videos with a emphasis on social conscious topics that tend to positively impact society.


Silver Days is the liaison as Business Affairs representative and Associate Producer in charge of seeking financial ventures and capital investors.  With the merger of Blue Cloudy Skies and Kaz Films the focus is on securing a ROI on all media and movie content.  

Sal Munir also has produced and line produced in the film industry for more than 15 years his last film was recently nominated for “Best First Time Director” award at the Pan African Film fest with over 50 music videos, PSA’s, and numerous commercials to his credits.


He merged his company and established partnership with KAZ Film Network LLC, in 2007.  We feel confident with him on board.  It will insure the degree of proficiently and skill needed to handle a very unique and busy production.  All visual works are original CGI and custom design were created by Visual effects artist Shafeeq Muhammad.

Production Advisor/Producer

S & Man Sung Son.jpg
Director/writer/producer Shafeeq Muhammad and
Mr Man sung son of SMS productions Production adviser
Newly acquired film executive Man song son of SMS productions has joined the team who has a long resume that spans 40 years in the Film and entertainment Business.  He currently teaches Cinematography at Chicago's Columbia College will oversee post production as well as help provide other seasoned professionals into the mix 

Amazing Talent pool already committed to the production before casting begins.

other cast.jpg
One of the other co producers and casting Andrew Kitchen center surrounded my cast of Paraplegicslist.
3D effect.jpg

Original 3d cockpit visual effects artist Shafeeq Muhammad


Original Mothership design 3D Scene


Next Gen Shuttle concept design.

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